The beautiful banner photograph above was taken by Diane Diederich.


Milk Maid Megan

Your local and loved milk maid Megan started Buttercup Farm in 2004. Megan is the farmer here on Buttercup Farm. Her favorite cow is Driving Miss Daisy Mae, who has since passed away. Megan taught Daisy to drive and spent two days driving her around Jamestown! Her favorite calf is Flower, and Ginger Snap....oh, wait. She can't choose and loves them all! Megan milks the cows, bottles the milk, delivers the milk, feeds the cows, and cleans the barn, In her free time, she really loves to eat sushi and ride her motorcycle. She loves to snuggle her dog Gus the Pug. She also loves to go to yoga, and shop at the Salvation Army.


Melissa has been with Buttercup Farm for 5 years! Her favorite cow on the farm is Fern, but she loves Peanut Butter, too. On the farm Melissa is responsible for public relations, marketing, and social media. Melissa created this website and manages it! She comes to the farmers markets, and is the one who feeds Megan's dogs. She is our "go to" person whenever anyone needs help- she's done it all. Melissa is Megan's best friend and they can frequently be found together doing some of the aforementioned favorite activities: yoga, sushi, and shopping at the Salvation Army. In her free time, Melissa owns and operates Backyards to Barnyards Pet Care Services, which is a company specializing in farm sitting, petsitting, pet care, and hospice care.


Ryan has been with Buttercup Farm for 2 years. His favorite cow is Cocoa Butter, and he rides her! His favorite animal on the farm is Apache the horse. Ryan is the right hand man here at Buttercup, and he does everything that needs doing. He is superbly qualified! He is responsible for hay, feeding, and cleaning. He milks the cows when Megan needs a break, and helps to wash bottles. He helps with all of the maintenance on the farm, and is excellent at building things. He is 16 years old, and student at Ellis Tech. At Ellis is does precision machining, and he made the name tags for the collars of all of our cows! In his spare time he raises his goats, cares for his pet birds, and babysits his siblings. Ryan is saving for his first car! He wants an old farm truck.


Nicky has been with Buttercup for 2 years. Her favorite cow is Blossom. Nicky loves visitors at the farm! Her favorite tasks are bottle feeding the babies, and brushing the cows. Nicky comes to the farm every Tuesday and Friday and she has never missed a day! In her free time, she likes to help out at church, read, latch-hook rugs, play video games, and watch movies.


Sarah has been with Buttercup Farm for 2 years, too! Her favorite cow on the farm is Fuzzy aka Fuzz Bucket! Sarah is responsible for washing bottles. She feeds the calves, helps clean the barn, and helps get ready for deliveries to get the milk to you! She sometimes rides along for delivery as well. Sarah splits all of Buttercup Farm's firewood! In her spare time, she loves to walk and hike with her Golden Retriever Tucker! She loves to make jewelry and look at the constellations at night.


Jason has been with Buttercup Farm for 1 year. His favorite cow is Fuzzy. On the farm, Jason has bonfires by the camper, and loves to bake for us. He holds group meditation and yoga here at the farm as well. In his spare time, he studies nutrition and goes to yoga.