Our Fern is a beautiful second lactation heifer. She is a spotted Jersey cow. Fern is Melissa's favorite cow. Fern has quite the personality! She is by far the most curious cow on the farm. You can always count on Fern to be the first to say hi, sniff the barn cat, tip over the wash rag bucket, and stick her face in the camera. She can be very naughty and is always keeping us on our toes. One of her favorite activities is finding new ways to get out of our fence. She loves to play with the dogs here on the farm! Fern also has a very sweet, sensitive side. She LOVES the newborn babies and always tries to be a surrogate mom to all the newborns, stealing them for her own. 


Fuzzy is a special cow here on our farm. She is the oldest in our herd at 10 years old! She's a red and white Holstein. She is Sarah's favorite cow. Fuzzy is THE slowest cow here on the farm. She is always the last one in for milking, and takes her time meandering out of the barn when she's done. She is the mother of Moses, the Holy Cow! They love to eat together to this day. Fuzzy has the cutest face when she lets out a "moo". Around here we refer to her as "Fuzz Bucket".


Buttercup Farm's most famous cow! Buttercup is Megan's favorite cow. She is an 8 year old Jersey. Blossom is Buttercup Farm's heaviest milk producer, and her milk is very creamy! Her daughter is here on the farm as well- Flower! Before Blossom found her way to us she was a 4H cow. Blossom can frequently be found at our social events, and she was at the Sterling, CT Local Farm Day,


Martina is 9 years old. She is a dark color registered Jersey, and she's gorgeous. Before Martina came to us she was a show cow. She has been at our farm for a year now and we love her. Martina can also be found at our social events, and she loves the attention so if you see her make sure to come say hi! She is expecting her next calf this spring. Her grandmother is still alive and going strong! She is a cow with excellent genetics and who doesn't love that?


Autumn is a 4 year old Jersey. She is a very sweet girl, and she milks really well. She comes into the barn for milking and says hi to our barn cats. Autumn is a very gentle cow.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is another favorite here at the farm. She was born and raised here at Buttercup! She is a 2.5 year old registered Brown Swiss. Cocoa Butter's best cow friend here on the farm is Peanut Butter- they were raised together and are inseparable. Ryan can sometimes be found riding Cocoa Butter!  She is a beautiful, friendly, sweet girl and she loves being brushed. She just recently had her first baby- Cocoa Bean!

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter came to us as a very sick baby. She was blind and unable to walk. We decided to take a chance on her, and it turns out all she needed was some Buttercup Farm TLC. We love to bottle feed our babies for much longer than other dairy farmers, and this was exactly what Peanut Butter needed. Today Peanut Butter is a happy, healthy, vibrant girl! She is a 2.5 year old Guernsey. Her best friend is Cocoa Butter, and they can always be found together, Peanut Butter is very, very funny. When she first came to us and was learning to walk- we would let her run around the barn for exercise and sit in our laps.

We're still working on this page...so come back for a visit for the rest of our herd!