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Your Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. What is raw milk?

Raw milk is milk that is left in it's completely natural state. It is not pasturized, homogenized, or altered in any way.


Q. Is raw milk healthy?

Raw milk is a natural product that is very nutritious. It is a whole food containing many natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. We think it's pretty healthy, and there's lots of research that points to raw milk aiding in allergies and autoimmune disorders.


Q. What does it taste like?

Raw milk is much creamier than pasteurized milk. It has an unparalleled level of flavor and sweetness that changes with the seasons. We have pint size bottles for sale for first time buyers who would like to try it.


Q. What can I use raw milk for?

Anything you would use pasteurized milk for and more! You can drink it right out of the bottle, take off the cream for your coffee, bake with it, or use it in your cereal. Raw milk is great for making ice cream, butter, ghee, and yoghurt too!


Q. How long does it last?

Our raw milk lasts for 7-10 days past the sell by date on the bottle cap. The milk you drink is bottled within two days from milking, but most of the time it is fresh out of the cow that morning! It is important that the milk be kept in a fridge around 34-38 degrees so that it doesn't spoil prematurely. If you find a bottle of ours that hasn't lasted 7-10 days past the sell by date, check your fridge temp, call the store where it was purchased, or contact us to let us know.


Q. Are you certified organic?

We are not certified but we use many organic and natural practices! We hate chemicals, we don't use any added hormones, and we never bottle milk from cows that aren't feeling well or need medications.


Q. Do you use antibiotics?

We hardly ever use antibiotics! We only use antibiotics when the life and health of our animals depend on it. Our cows are very happy, very healthy, and rarely ever sick.


Q. What do the cows eat?

The cows are mostly grass fed. They get a small grain treat during milking as a thank you for being so patient as we milk. They are supplemented with sea kelp and other natural supplements for optimal health!


Q. If I am lactose intolerant, can I drink raw milk?

Yes! Raw milk contains the enzyme lactase which is missing from other milk, so it is much easier to digest than pasteurized milk. Melissa is lactose intolerant and she drinks our raw milk all the time without issue!


Q. How clean is the milk?

SUPER clean! Farmer Meg is a bit OCD about cleanliness. You could eat off her barn floor safely. The cows udder gets cleaned 6 times with 6 new rags, then wiped with an alcohol prep pad before getting milked. After milking, the milk gets strained into the tank where it is chilled. Milk quality is tested in various degrees everyday at the farm. We are licensed and inspected. The state lab tests monthly, and we send out our milk for independent testing as well- just to make sure. Our somatic cell count in our milk is normally in the range of 40,000-70,000/mL, which is phenomenal when compared to raw milk industry standard! Industry standard allows up to 750,000/mL!

There are many facets to safe, clean, raw milk and healthy, happy cows. We encourage you to do your own research. Some questions you should ask yourself when you visit a farm to see if it is the right fit for you are:

How often is the barn cleaned? How often do you see the cows out to pasture? How clean is the area in which the cows eat? How much manure are the cows standing in? Manure on the legs is perfectly normal, but manure coating the underbelly is not. Does the farm have visitors? Is the farmer up front and honest with you about the process on their farm? Do the cows seem happy? Do they happily come into the milking parlor? Do they like their farmer? 

Our cows all have names. They like to play, lick us, visit their babies, tip over our buckets, and be petted. They get brushed every time they come in for milking, and sprayed with a natural homemade bug repellent to keep the bugs off. We value quality over quantity here at Buttercup, and our animal health over production- so our cows lead a pretty happy life.

We strive for consistently high milk quality and we hope you can taste it in every bottle you buy!


Q. Can we visit?

Absolutely! We encourage everyone to come visit and watch a milking. Meet the volunteers, feed Oscar the pig, meet Herman the male nanny goat, visit the horse, goats, and babies. We are open and honest. We have no secrets. We have an open barn on days when we have volunteers which are every Tuesday and Friday 4p-8p. Sometimes, farming gets chaotic and busy so our schedule changes. Therefore if are planning to visit and you want to be sure that we will be there, please contact us first.


Q. How do you keep your barn so clean?

There are little magical fairies that live on the third floor of the barn and they come down to clean when no one is around.


Q. Where can we buy your milk?

Great question! Click here for a complete list of where our milk can be found.


Q. What if I have a question I don't see answered here?

A. Click here and head on over to the contact us page and fill out the 'what's on your mind?' contact form! We will respond via email as soon as we can, and post your question on this page for others to see.

Photo by Winter Caplanson of CT Food and Farm.

Photo by Winter Caplanson of CT Food and Farm.